Sunday, October 20, 2019

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Members have previously been informed of the need to submit the results of a Neogen Brangus Genomic test for all new AI sires and donor dams after 1 July 2019.

The advantages to Brangus breeders of using the Brangus Genomic test include;

  • It can be used for parent verification if the parents have a SNP fingerprint on file.
  • It can be used to test for homozygous polled animals.
  • It can be used to test for dominant black or recessive red genes for coat colour.
  • It provides a ranking of animals for tenderness on a 1 to 10 scale

Brangus breeders have already started to use the Neogen Brangus genomic test for checking parentage and to get a ranking for their sires for genetic tenderness based on the ratio of calpain to calpastatin as well as the recent inclusion of coat colour.

Bongongo Angus v Irelands Angus Court Case

The recent court case where the Bongongo Angus stud was awarded $200,000 from the Irelands Angus stud because the sire of a bull purchased by Bongongo published in the sale catalogue was ultimately shown not to be the sire. This was found to be the case when Bongongo Angus carried out a DNA genomic test on the bull and has highlighted the importance of accurate parentage.

This court case shows that stud breeders have a duty of care to ensure that the parentage of animals they sell is accurate.

It is widely accepted that about 5 percent of animals in breed association Herdbooks have one or both incorrect parents recorded. This is almost always not due to deliberate actions by breeders but can be due to cross mothering of calves, a mix up of semen straws, inaccurate allocation of sire between AI sires and follow up sires, and simple human error in transcription of records.

While the Angus Association was not a subject of the court action in this case it does highlight the responsibility of a breed association to have in place procedures to ensure that their Herdbook is as accurate as possible using available technologies such as SNP parentage tests.

The current ABCA requirements are that AI sires and donor dams have a genomic profile recorded by the Association. Regulations have been updated to reflect the new requirement after 1 January 2020 that ALL Sires will have a Genomic profile recorded by the Association. This is an important step to demonstrate that ABCA is taking action to improve the integrity of its Herdbook. As the number of animals with genomic profiles recorded increases young sires will be able to be have their sire checked when they are profiled.

Hence the importance of ABCA adopting the new Genomic technologies for parentage verification.

The ABCA also understands that a number of members have a large collection of Semen from Registered Sires stored in tanks that are not known to the Association as AI or Restricted AI Sires.

Regulations have just been updated to accommodate a previous Board motion that removes the Restricted AI sire category. The ABCA understands the cost involved in applying to the association for notification of an AI sire which incurs a fee of $57 which will be another cost impost on Breeders.

To assist in the notification of these AI Sires (for any future Registrations submitted after 1 January 2020) the ABCA have decided to waive the notification fee for all AI Sires that are 5 years old and over from the 1st July 2019 to the 31st December 2019 when semen straws are submitted for a Brangus Genomic Test.

A data base for all current notified AI Sires can be found in the Semen Catalogues Directory on the ABCA website along with a Donor Dam list and the soon to be displayed tab for All Brangus Sires that have had a Genomic test submitted.

This will be beneficial for members who wish to check on the status of Animals purchased or Semen used so as to not have duplication on Brangus genomic tests.

If members have any further enquiries please contact Tessa Pearson at the ABCA office on (02) 6773 3373.


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