Sunday, October 20, 2019

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CRT FarmFest 2019 would like to invite you to enter the prestigious 2019 FarmFest Livestock Competitions to be held at the Clipex Livestock Area at CRT FarmFest field days in early June.


As you are aware, it is an unique opportunity to benchmark your beef against the best for your chance to take home big prizes of cash, ribbons and trophies.


The FarmFest field day organisers announce the return of the Hoof and Hook Competition open to steers and heifers.


Once again, you can enter the popular FarmFest Led Steer and Heifer competition – and this year, we will be staging the stud cattle classes including the Battle of the Bulls and Fantastic Females which are open to Livestock Exhibitors only.  Livestock exhibitors receive two free entries in these stud cattle classes as part of your participation and support of CRT FarmFest 2019.


Here is your link to the FarmFest 2019 Livestock Competitions entry form – and take a moment to check the link to the Livestock Competitions Handbook which provides information about classes, services, schedule and terms and conditions.


We look forward to receiving your entry in the FarmFest Livestock Competitions.

Kind regards,

Pam Murphy 

CRT FarmFest  - Livestock Manager

Fairfax Rural Events - Australian Community Media

M 0423 555 028

E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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