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Dear Brangus Enthusiasts,


The Brangus Carcass Competition will run again in early March 2017 with the first competition being a great success.  Last year's competition included 146 Steers with the combined average MSA score of being in the top 25% of all carcasses graded for the 2014 to 2015 year. The 2016 Carcass Competition saw Brangus prime cuts available at the Bracken Ridge Tavern in Brisbane over a month surrounding the Brisbane Expedition and this year will be no different with owner of the Bracken Ridge Tavern, Michael White, being extremely pleased with the product.   "The Brangus steaks were a real hit, with returning customers raving about the tenderness and flavor of the meat. It was consistent from day one until the end.  We'd be more than happy to see Brangus steaks on our menu again".


This year will see the inclusion of a Brangus Crossbred Class.  Brangus Cross steers must be by Brangus bulls OR out of Brangus cows.  Entries will include 7 steers with your best 6 carcasses being judged. There will be 2 classes for entry:

  • Class A – Brangus Purebred Steers
  • Class B – Brangus Crossbred Steers


There will be a field day held at Waterfall Feedlot near the completion of the competition.  Due to work place health and safety this will be the only time you will be able to view the cattle unless prior conversation with Waterfall Feedlot or the ABCA Carcass Completion Committee.


To make the competition run as smoothly as possible Terry Nolan will purchase the steers on entry to the feedlot with a quoted price one month before delivery to the Waterfall Feedlot, Goomeri, Queensland.  Steers will be killed at Nolan’s Meats, Gympie.  There will be an awards dinner on the Wednesday, 9th August 2017 at the Bracken Ridge Tavern in Brisbane to announce the winners.

Please give careful consideration of your steers entered as it is a competition and we are looking for your very best to promote your cattle or your stud.


If you do have any questions or queries please direct them to the Brangus Carcass Competition Committee on the following numbers:

Edward Quinn         0418 716 442


Brad Hanson           0408 684 612


Brad Saunders         0458 359 105


Brady Jackson        0457 821 566


On behalf of the Brangus Carcass Competition Committee we wish you all the best with your entries and have a safe and happy holiday.


Kind regards,


ABCA Brangus Carcass Competition Committee


Please find the forms below


2017 Carcass Competition Information & Entry Form.pdf

Sponsorship Letter for Carcass Competition.pdf

Sponsorship Registration Form - Updated.pdf


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