Sunday, October 20, 2019

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Firstly, there has been an issue relating to our usual sale date.  Whilst there was a problem with the booking, this has now been resolved and our sale is definitely planned  for Friday 6 September, 2013 at 11am.

The committee met on Tuesday 30 April with all committee members in attendance, together with Jamie Barwick, CEO of the ABCA, Michael Smith and Andrew Meara from Elders Breeding Services and Mark Duthie from Grant, Daniel and Long.  The agents provided some useful advice and suggested the committee continue to follow the sale plan used in 2012.

Conditions of entry and nominations forms will be mailed out shortly to all members.  Those members who intend nominating stock for sale are reminded that nominations close at the ABCA office on Friday 21 June, 2013.

As a result of our discussions with the agents, the committee has left the draw the same as it was last year.  Vendors will again be able to split there nominations into different drafts if they have 5 or more bulls/females with any one agent.  As previously reported, the agents will draw for their selling positions.  This was not the case in previous years.

Further discussions about a suggestion put forward by Harvey Weyman-Jones of Grant, Daniel and Long to have vendor's stock penned in adjacent pens irrespective if they were split drafts or with different agents.  Whilst the committee could see the benefits to individual vendors who choose to split their drafts or sell with each agent, the committee was concerned that a consistent flow of stock to the selling arena might not be achieved.  It was felt that this was paramount to ensure  the sale  run smoothly maintaining the confidence of buyers.  Penning of stock will remain the same as it has been in previous years and the duty agent  will be responsible for the allocation of pens.

The committee has made available to vendors the opportunity to use the ABCA website to have photos downloaded  of their sale stock at no charge.  The committee would appreciate if this facility be used shortly after nominations close, as there is a need for good photographs of  sale stock to use on our posters /flyers advertising the sale.  Please keep this in mind.

The committee will again meet on Tuesday the 25 June, 2013 after nominations for the sale are received.  If you are a vendor and have any issues you wish raised at our meeting, feel free to make contact with any of the committee members.

More information will be provided after our next meeting.


Tim Roche
Sale Secretary


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