Sunday, October 20, 2019

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 Telpara Hills offered the option to flush a set of embryos from any of their donor cows in American or Australian herds. The flush sold for US$22,000 – believed to be one of the world’s highest selling Brangus flushes and one of the highest selling flushes sold by an Australian stud across all breeds of cattle – in a joint purchase by Georgian breeder Joe Kassler, of The Oaks Brangus, and David Wood’s Double W Ranch, in McComb, Mississippi near New Orleans.

The sale was also the highest selling Brangus embryo flush in the breed’s history in Australia.The stud is owned and operated by Trevor and Maureen Pearce, son Stephen and his wife Brittany, and daughter Fiona.

The purchasers will make their selection from the stud’s US donor herd and donor cattle on the family’s 458-hectare Australian land holdings at Upper Barron, Tolga and Kairi.

Stud manager Stephen Pearce said the sale was huge achievement for Telpara Hills Brangus.“It is just a great honour that cattlemen from both the US and Australia believe in our program and our genetics,” Mr Pearce said “When we first visited the US we were inspired by the Brangus cattle there.

“The breed was very dominant, progressive and had extraordinary cattle that we had not seen before in Australia.   They had been breeding for decades using ultra-sound data to select for carcase quality and had been able to make Brangus outperform Angus in terms of marbling and muscle.

“This sale has proven that we finally have a herd that is one of the finest anywhere and Australian breeders no longer have to go overseas to get the best cattle genetics because they are right here in Queensland.

“Furthermore, Australia is now on the map for worldwide breeders as a viable place to source outstanding genetics.” Mr Pearce said the family had been careful to select only the finest cattle.
“My family and I have worked hard to select the finest cattle we could, multiply them, make them available to others and present them to the best of our abilities,” Mr Pearce said.

“Telpara Hills hand chose many of the best Brangus females from the US and put them together as an elite set of donors.“We brought them to Australia and tested them all over the country. 

“It has been a huge achievement for us to have imported some of the world’s most progressive genetics and improve upon them. “This sale is proof that we have achieved this.”
The Pearce family hope the sale will raise the profile of Australian Brangus in America and the rest of the world, serving to entice international visitors to the Brangus World Conference being held at Beef 2012 in Rockhampton.

The international sale is a feather in the cap for the family’s seedstock breeding operation, started by Trevor, his father and brother in South Australia more than 45 years ago.

Today, Telpara Hills is an accredited embryo export centre – one of three in Queensland - and is the only Australian Brangus stud to own females in America that are used for importing embryos to Australia.

It is also developing bulls in partnership with ABS, the world’s largest cattle semen company, for worldwide semen export.



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