Sunday, October 20, 2019

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Sires topped at $20,000 with an average of $5,398 achieving an 88% clearance. Top price sire was offered by Bruce & Leanne Woodard, Bonox stud, Taroom. Boniox 493 sold to Lindsay and Fiona Barlow, Triple B stud, Dingo Qld. Triple B also paid the second top price of $16,000 for Jeff Frank's Jay-Eff Diplomat. Following on from a strong sale average at Roma Brangus sale, the Engeman family draft was keenly sought after. Their top sire was Yabbo-Do Dalai at $15,000 selling to Ian Francis Windera.This calf was the result of an imported embryo from the United States. Making $14,000 another yabbo Do sire sold to Burenda Holdings. Also making $14,000 werer two bulls from Bonox stud, one sold to Glenheart stud and the other sold to GJ & LG Eiser. Volume buyers of sires included Big River Brangus, Duaringa with eight bulls, and Bill Walker, Theodore with seven bulls.

Females topped at $5,000,again for a Bonox entry Bonox B514,  a 12 month old granddaughter of successful sire Greendale Xciting 029. Heifers averaged $2,005 with a 95% clearance. Volume buyer of females was Rob McKenna, Tuan stud Innisfail with 12 head as well as three bulls.


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