Sunday, October 20, 2019

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The cattle exhibited a strong correlation to the commercial industries requirements and the success of Brangus infused stock in the Commerical Trade section supported this. Major success in the pens included Champion Grain Fed steer exhibited By the Robinson family, Glen Heart Brangus with a Charolais/Brangus cross.


The Robinson family also exhibited the Supreme led exhibit with their young sire Glen Heart Varsity.Grand champion female was Mark and Lynda Bauer's Elara Beryl 4th.

Cattle paraded from Tarom in the north to Casino in the south. Championship winners were
Calf Champion Male - Elara Marty - M & L Bauer
Reserve Calf Champion Male - Riverview Ronnie - BJ & PD Morgan
Junior Champion Male - Glen Heart Varsity - WR Robinson
Reserve Junior Champion Male - Duff Di Di D56 - Duff Red Brangus
Senior Champion Male - Duff Carpentaria C113 - Duff Red Brangus
Reserve Senior Champion Male - Glen Heart Uri - WR Robinson
Grand Champion Male - Glen Heart Varsity - WR Robinson


Calf Champion Female - Glen Heart Willow - WR Robinson
Reserve Calf Champion Female - Elara Charlene - M & L Bauer
Junior Champion Female - Weona Yarra - Weona Brangus Stud
Reserve Junior Champion Female - Glenoyra Cassie - M & M Beckman
Senior Champion Female - Elara Beryl 4th - M & L Bauer
Reserve Senior Champion Female - Glen Heart Victoria - WR Robinson
Grand Champion Female - Elara Beryl 4th - M & L Bauer


Most Successful Exhibitor - WR Robinson

In the commercial Trade section M & L Bauer was the most successful Brangus exhibitor with WR Robinson and J & A Bell also featuring strongly in the classes. Congratulations to event co-ordinator Tammie Robinson for a great promotion of the Brangus breed.

More images available in the Gallery Section.







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