Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Australian Brangus Cattle Association Ltd offers three membership categories to new members.  The Directors of the Australian Brangus Cattle Association Ltd. may bestow Life membership upon a member that has made an outstanding contribution to the breed.

The membership categories are

Full Membership
Full members will be able to record and register Brangus animals in the Herdbook.  Full members have the right to vote and hold positions on the Brangus Committee. A voting nominee must be nominated for each membership.  Each Full member is required to record a Prefix, tattoo/brand and ID for their herd, which will be unique to their membership.  All animals registered by that member will use the prefix and brand/tattoo in their identification.

Full members have the opportunity to participate in Brangus BREEDPLAN, and list cattle for sale on the website.  Full members receive all Brangus Society publications.

Commercial Membership
Commercial membership is designed for people with an interest in the Brangus breed that does not wish to register Herdbook cattle. Commercial members receive all Association publications, utilise Society marketing initiatives and have the opportunity to list cattle for sale on the Society website.

Commercial members may record their prefix, tattoo and record performance pedigree animals with the Society. Commercial members may record and can also performance test their cattle through Brangus BREEDPLAN.  Commercial members cannot register Herdbook animals. Commercial members may not vote.

Junior Membership
Junior membership is a restricted membership category to enable youth to commence breeding Brangus and/or participate in self-development programs.  Junior membership shall be accepted up to the age of 21 years old.  

Junior members who wish to register cattle will be required to record a prefix ID and brand/tattoo with the Association.

A membership application form is available to download from the Download Forms page.

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